It is really scary how luck plays such a commanding role in a person’s life. Luck is ever step we take in a new direction, in a way we are like water, constantly moving in different directions. Once in a wile, we find the right path. No matter how careful and clever you plan your life, luck will surely change your design. We are all subject to the unforeseeable, the unexpected, and the uninvited. All of life is like that. However, it is the way we are able to change your pace and adapt to the situation at hand, but I do believe that everything happens for a reason. Some how in life we need to trust our inner feeling and believe in our heart what we see or feel and here is what make us love the way we should. In a world where there is such an obvious need for love, few of us ever exercise this power. The power of love is at ourfinger tips but it seen we are to afraid to reach out …Because our finger may get burdened so we put our self in relationship that we know that we be able to walk way, and not look back We are afraid to suffer pain, so we don’t take chances. Most of us prefer a predictable life, a quiet, free of change and so on, we go like the blind leading the blind… We rationalize little things… like the miles between two people, that should mean nothing at all, if two people are in love, no mountains or oceans should keep them apart. Nevertheless, the little things that we rationalize so we do not have to deal with ourselves. We do not have to face the things that are missing in our lives at all. We live a life of quiet desperation, and one day we wake up and realize that we have not lived at all In addition, the love that we think we what is just smoke and mirrors


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